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Laisse pour chien absorbant les chocs avec notre technologie Zero Shock™. Craquez pour cette laisse amortisseur de choc pour chien. Cette laisse élastique vous accompagnera partout !

Taille Longueur Largeur de sangle Poignée de contrôle
M 25" (64cm)  25mm  No
L 48" (120cm) 25mm  Yes

La nouvelle génération de laisses pour chiens qui absorbent les chocs

Il s'agit d'une innovation qui mérite d'être soulignée : une laisse amortisseur pour chien en toile, très performante, qui absorbe les chocs et qui fonctionne réellement ! Nous avons méticuleusement conçu un système d'élastique à haute résistance qui absorbe efficacement les chocs soudains de votre chien. De plus, la laisse amortisseur pour chien est souple, durable et ne s'use pas avec le temps. Les laisses Zéro Choc élastique pour chien combinent le confort, le contrôle et la protection ultimes, tout en ne faisant aucun compromis sur le style et la qualité !

Zero Shock™ Technologie pour une laisse amortisseur de choc

La technologie Zero Shock™ est le composant avancé qui absorbe les chocs au centre de la laisse et qui amortit et soulage la pression pour le propriétaire et le chien. Cette laisse amortisseur de choc pour chien deviendra votre meilleur compagnon.

Une laisse élastique super douce !

Notre propre mélange exclusif de nylon double densité super doux fait de cette laisse amortisseur pour chien un plaisir à tenir et une force incroyable. Nous la finissons ensuite avec une garniture réfléchissante pour la sécurité nocturne et une doublure supplémentaire en Néoprène dans la poignée.

Contrôle de la marche de votre chien avec notre laisse

Cette poignée supplémentaire est placée près du collier de votre chien, ce qui vous permet de contrôler rapidement et en toute sécurité votre chien lorsque vous en avez besoin (disponible uniquement sur la version 48"). La laisse amortisseur élastique pour chien de EzyDog est un concentré de technologie au service de votre animal.

laisse amortisseur pour chien

Caractéristiques de la laisse amortisseur de choc :

  • La technologie "Zero Shock" pour se protéger des chocs soudains
  • Utilise un manche à boucle doublé de néoprène souple
  • Fabriqué à partir de notre sangle douce exclusive Touch™
  • Anneau D accessoire
  • Une poignée de "contrôle de la circulation" située au bout de la laisse pour vous permettre de contrôler votre chien de près*.
Les laisses Zero Shock allient confort, contrôle et protection, sans toutefois compromettre le style et la qualité!



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Commentaires des clients

  • Evaluation globale
    Great leash
    Review by Mel, (Posté le 23/02/2016)
    The zero shock leash makes walking my beagles an absolute pleasure. The shock absorption limits the pressure on us and the dogs when they pull. The loop handle is great too.
  • Evaluation globale
    Great Leash
    Review by Jenny, (Posté le 18/11/2015)
    This shock absorbing leash is terrific for a dog that pulls. We use this with our coupler and both dogs are walking together so well. Wish we had found it earlier! The tension is perfect and takes the strain off us and the dogs
  • Evaluation globale
    Review by Christopher, (Posté le 14/08/2015)
    Pulled a tough Doberman without much effort. I am trying to work out what they included with the purchase. It was delivered the next day in Sydney early morning. Fantastic
  • Evaluation globale
    *the* leash for pullers!
    Review by dee , (Posté le 28/07/2015)
    I use the 48” zero shock leash and it is the BEST leash ever. I have a nearly 5 year-old shih tzu-maltese who is a puller/lunge and bark at cars and large dogs kinda dog. I have the long one because she’s closer to the ground and I have her walk ahead of me so I can see what she’s doing. If you have a bigger dog, the smaller leash is probably better. I think if she'd had this leash as a pup she wouldn't be much of a puller now. I think the leash has helped though. She still pulls but I feel I don’t have to pull so hard to get her where’s she’s supposed to be. And with the chest plate I don’t think it jars her as much because I only have to give the leash a tug. I don’t use the traffic control so I can’t comment on that. Probably useful if you have a big dog. I wrap the leash around my hand once so the shock absorbing part is in my fingers and I have better control when she’s naughty. I have been using this leash for over a year and it is still in perfect condition. I only bought a new harness and leash this week because I wanted the new bubblegum color :) I agree with the other comment here about more solid colors. I would love a plain pastel pink range or fushia or rainbow or aqua green. But any plain PINK option ... I'd buy another set :)
  • Evaluation globale
    Great Product
    Review by Samantha, (Posté le 20/05/2015)
    I have a 7 year old border collie who likes to suddenly lunge or pull me on walks. This product took all the tension away and no ripped out arms. Love the traffic control feature which come in handy at the Million Paws Walk a doggy event which allowed me to have close control of him in a big crowd.
    This lead is awesome. its so comfy and i'm really happy with it.
  • Evaluation globale
    Makes walking the dog a pleasure
    Review by Lily's Grandma, (Posté le 19/01/2015)
    My 7 month old pugalier loves nothing better than to launch himself at cars as they pass by .Do not have to battle with him anymore as the Zero Shock leash has just the right amount of give in it to pull him back as required he does not launch much at all now as he has learnt if he pulls or launches the leash kicks in and pulls him back I love it thanks EZYDOG
  • Evaluation globale
    Great quality and design
    Review by Darren, (Posté le 11/07/2014)
    This leash is perfect for my boisterous 2 year old Golden Retriever, this product makes our walks even more enjoyable.
  • Evaluation globale
    Great Leash
    Review by Stephanie, (Posté le 18/04/2014)
    I love this leash an d it is perfect for our bouncy full of energy puppy. It would be great if a longer version was available and more bright solid colours green, purple and pink would be lovely.
  • Evaluation globale
    Oh the relief!
    Review by Tina, (Posté le 10/12/2013)
    Wow what a difference it is to walk my digs without the massive tug from either! So love this product works well on both dogs we have a Malemute Husky & a Staffy X Pity and both are so much more easier and a pleasure to walk. We use this leash combined with the checkmate collar's we brought for them. I had major surgery 8 yrs ago to my Ulna bone on my forearm, I couldn't walk either dog without it straining on my arm now this completely eliminates all that stress sooo very happy to be back and enjoy taking either one on a walk with my partner love it! Thank you very much for having such a great product available Ezidog
  • Evaluation globale
    Perfect Leash
    Review by Penny, (Posté le 06/08/2013)
    Great for my 'happy wanderers' who love to savour sights and smells on their outings to the detriment of my poor arms. Great shock absorption and so very comfortable in your hand. Also very swish looking as a bonus
  • Evaluation globale
    great product
    Review by jason, (Posté le 29/07/2013)
    very happy with the zero shock leash, my energetic staffy is so much easier to handle and so much more comfortable to walk,no more jerking,very happy
  • Evaluation globale
    I love it!
    Review by Steph Traeger, (Posté le 23/07/2013)
    I have a 9 month old Border Collie male who always gallops when he gets overstimulated while walking. I used to have to keep a keen eye on his rear end, and tug on the lead when he broke into a gallop, but the Zero Shock Leash acts like a shock absorber, and each time little Charlie gallops, he gets nowhere. The Zero Shock Lead absorbs the energy of the first gallop, and then transmits it back into the dog as both feet leave the ground, giving the appearance of the dog's rear-end just bouncing up and down, they actually slow down by breaking into a gallop! Of course this doesn't apply to gallops on the end of a taught lead, just that initial gallop from walking/trotting. It definitely makes for a super smooth walk, ironing out all the undulations and taking the sharp edge of jerks of the lead. I love it!
  • Evaluation globale
    Made for Samoyeds!
    Review by Matthew Watson, (Posté le 10/02/2013)
    Judging by the other reviews I am not the only one who thinks the Zero Shock Leash is fantastic for Samoyeds. Our boy is notorious for his sudden changes of direction to sniff out the odd smell and this lead takes all the shock out of that. Great for going for a run with him too, much less stress on your arm. We own the 120 cm version and it is excellent.
  • Evaluation globale
    Happy walker
    Review by , (Posté le 28/01/2013)
    Fantastic lead for walking Samoyeds - reduces stress on arms and makes for a pleasant walk.
  • Evaluation globale
    BEST Lead Ever
    Review by Robyn Betts, (Posté le 20/12/2012)
    I have owned samoyeds for years and they are real pullers on the lead. This lead takes up all the shock and the hand grip is definitely the most comfortable I have ever ever used.
    Honestly as a daily dog walker I would never use another lead now
  • Evaluation globale
    Stressless walking.
    Review by Anna.Z., (Posté le 07/12/2012)
    I have a cattle x staffie and our new Zero Shock Leash makes taking her for walks a lot easier, with the soft handle and the new shock technology it makes for a comfortable walk, and the traffic control handle is great when we are near the busy roads. I would recommend it to anyone.

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