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Le harnais Chest Plate possède une plaque ventrale EVA qui s'adapte à la morphologie du chien au fil du temps.

Taille Poids (kg) Cou (cm) Circonférence (cm)
2XS 1-3 23-37 24-38
XS 3-5 27-46 29-48
S 5-10 34-56 37-60
M 10-19 41-68 45-73
L 19-35 46-78 49-84
XL 35+ 52-90 56-97
2XL 40+ 74-131 77-134


Le harnais Chest Plate distribue la charge, de manière uniforme, sur la poitrine du chien au lieu de la gorge, ce qui rend les promenades plus agréables pour vous et votre compagnon à quatre pattes. 



Les mousquetons par clip permettent au harnais d'être placé rapidement, sans un minimum de tracas.

Les sangles faciles à ajuster garantissent un ajustement confortable et sécurisé quelle que ce soit la taille du chien.



Un système de retenue par ceinture de sécurité accompagne ce harnais pour attacher votre chien, lorsque vous conduisez.



  • Le Chest Plate EVA s'adapte à votre chien pour un ajustement personnalisé
  • Forme ergonomique adaptée à tout chien
  • Facile à adapter et à ajuster
  • Coutures réfléchissantes pour la sécurité nocturne
  • L'anneau en D soudé antirouille maintient votre chien attaché à la laisse


Chest Plate Harness Features


Les mousquetons par clip permettent au harnais d'être placé rapidement, sans un minimum de tracas.

Taille Poids (kg) Cou (cm) Circonférence (cm)
2XS 1-3 23-37 24-38
XS 3-5 27-46 29-48
S 5-10 34-56 37-60
M 10-19 41-68 45-73
L 19-35 46-78 49-84
XL 35+ 52-90 56-97
2XL 40+ 74-131 77-134

Pour un meilleur ajustement, mesurez la circonférence du chien. La circonférence sera prioritaire lors du choix de la taille.

La circonférence est la zone qui se situe derrière les pattes avant et autour du corps

Fixé correctement, le harnais doit être ajusté au chien et ne pas être trop serré

Measuring girth of dog









How to fit Quick Fit



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Commentaires des clients

  • Evaluation globale
    SUPER Hondentuigje !
    Review by Jacqueline Visser, (Posté le 25/11/2016)
    Een GEWELDIG hondenharnas.
    Ik heb de Bubble Gum variant gekozen voor mijn hond, zij heeft een smalle maar in de hoogte een brede borstkas dus niet alle harnassen zijn voor haar geschikt.
    Doordat je dit harnas van Ezydog helemaal opde omvang van de hond ( nekomvang en borstomvang ) kan stellen is het perfect op maat van de hond te maken.
    Wel natuurlijk de maat kiezen die bij de omvang van de hond past !
    Een maat S kan niet bij een Berner Sennenhond ;|)

    De kleuren van de Bubble Gum zijn echt gaaf, sweet maar toch stoer !!!

    Bovendien is het harnas echt een anti Houdini tuig.
    Mijn hond wist zich uit vrijwel ieder harnas te krijgen ( hoe ze het deed weet ik nog niet, maar in een oogwenk was ze er uit terwijl bepaalde tuigjes toch goed afgesteld waren. Maar ze trok zich naar achteren, hoofd naar voren en voorpootjes uit het harnas en ze was los ).
    Met dit harnas van Ezydog is het haar niet gelukt om zich eruit te bevrijden.

    Kortom het is een echte aanrader voor zowel een grote als een kleine(re) viervoeter.

    De stiksel op het harnas reflecteren in het donker, dus verkeersveilig én je krijgt er een hele leuke accessoire bij !!!!
    Niet alleen de autogordelriem, maar ook nog iets anders leuks.

    Ik zou zeggen : Ga ervoor !
  • Evaluation globale
    Great harness!
    Review by Taylah, (Posté le 20/04/2016)
    Fantastic harness, moulds very quickly to your dogs chest! Ive had the Candy Chest Plate Harness for years and its still in perfect condition! Just recently upgraded to Purple which is a great! The Candy one will be given to my mothers dog. Also, very fast shipping! Highly recommend!
  • Evaluation globale
    Best Harnesses!
    Review by Amie, (Posté le 11/04/2016)
    Both of my dogs have these matching harnesses, wouldn't have them in anything else! Great quality and they last forever.

    Shocked by how quickly my parcel arrived!
  • Evaluation globale
    under control
    Review by lloyd, (Posté le 01/03/2016)
    tried the ezy dog check mate collar with no joy /as soon as we tried the chest plate harness it was like walking/running a different dog no more choking and stressing both me and dog she still pulls hard but a week has past and its a massive improvement
  • Evaluation globale
    Review by , (Posté le 15/02/2016)
    this is really good and better than a collar to walk with - am converted.
  • Evaluation globale
    Top Shelf
    Review by Bruce, (Posté le 26/01/2016)
    have used chest plate harness with my little dog for 3 years now. She wears it everywhere, doing everything with ease. Running, jumping, walking, swimming in the ocean. TOUGH and very sturdy. I will be buying again soon.
  • Evaluation globale
    Fantastic Product
    Review by JD, (Posté le 17/12/2015)
    I have a 2yr old staffy who used to drag me around on our afternoon walks, i utilised all the training techniques i could find but it made no difference. Immediately after putting on his new chest plate harness it was like walking a different dog, his pace changed dramatically and he's become more attentive to my instructions. A Great product, I highly recommend!
  • Evaluation globale
    Exceptional quality
    Review by Bill, (Posté le 26/10/2015)
    I had one for my pup, and when my older dog's harness needed replacing this was a no-brainer. Good quality, bright colours and I knew that the EVA chest plate would mould to her shape - and it did after the first long walk.

    Additionally, the clip-on car restraint keeps her in place in the car and out of harms way...
  • Evaluation globale
    ticks all the boxes
    Review by Lee, (Posté le 08/08/2015)
    I bought this harness for my 15 week old cattle dog who weighs 10.3kg. I decided to go with the medium size so that he will grow into it as he ages. It is very well made and more importantly smooth and comfortable for my dog. I had been looking for a harness for a few weeks and wanted something light weight, comfortable and easy to take on and off and when I came across this product I didn't hesitate in buying it, luckily I was able to take my dog into the store and try it on him before I bought it. My only disappointment is that the store only had the black ones, if I had known that they came in other colours I would have searched for the red one.
  • Evaluation globale
    chest plate is the BEST plate!
    Review by dee, (Posté le 28/07/2015)
    I never leave reviews anywhere but I thought this was worthy of my effort.

    I have a nearly 5-year-old shih tzu-maltese. She is a bad, bad puller and occasionally barks/lunges at certain cars. She has always been walked on a harness. First a rogz as a puppy then we went through two puppia harnesses…both showed wear in exactly the same places because of her pulling. Also, she has escaped out of them multiple times rolling around on her walk, she’s smart and knows how. So I went to look for something different, hello chest plate! I only bought the zero shock leash because I wanted it matching. However, they are both exceptional together.
    The chest plate is great because it is nice and supportive and distributes the force when she pulls or I have to pull her. The 2 clickable straps … she has NEVER slipped out of it, even rolling around. She is nearly 6kg and I have a medium plate. I don’t think a small would fit her properly but I didn’t try one. It is usually on the tightest fit which isn’t super tight but slightly moveable, then it gets loosened when she is in medium-length fur or now, in winter with a puppy jacket on.

    I don’t use the traffic control so I can’t comment on that. I wrap the leash around my hand once so the shock absorbing part is in my fingers and I have better control when she’s naughty. I haven’t used the seat belt restraint either. I use a car restraint, clipping it onto the ring of the harness is easy as! My first harness is over a year old now and has been used daily, been to the beach a bunch of times and washed about once a month. It shows no signs of wear and fraying and is now being used as a spare for the beach in summer or when the brand new BUBBLE GUM colored one is being washed.
  • Evaluation globale
    Good harness - dog approves
    Review by Drew, (Posté le 13/07/2015)
    Bought the small size in red for a 14 week old puppy weighing 3.5kg. To avoid buying another harness in about a month opted for the 5kg-10kg size. It is a bit too big for her at the moment - but still works well (just looks a little silly). She'll grow into it quickly.
    The dog seems to have no issues with the harness and it removes all pressure on her throat from previous collars.
    Fast delivery.
  • Evaluation globale
    Chest Plate Harness - Great product
    Review by Vanessa Webb, (Posté le 20/05/2015)
    We have 2 basset hounds and this harness is excellent. Allows freedom of movement but can easily be clipped to a lead. I would recommend this lead especially for our shape of dog.
  • Evaluation globale
    these leads i have had whenthe brand was previously big dog the best leads ever
    Review by Eliza Ryding, (Posté le 13/01/2015)
    i love these leads and and harnesses especially the handles they are durable never break and they are reasonable in price, have not come across anything in the market that comes close to compare to these products I previously strocked them in my shop the Wagging tail, now I have every colour for my little princess and the fact you can get extenders, etc just brilliant.
  • Evaluation globale
    Dog harness xl
    Review by Gemma, (Posté le 31/12/2014)
    We have been using these harnesses since my puppy was five months old, she is now 5 yrs old and they are still the best ones I have seen. The colours are bright and the product is excellent on wear and tear. We just keep buying her a new one so she has a change in colour and because I wash them after a certain time. Would recommend these to any one
  • Evaluation globale
    Review by Stephanie, (Posté le 22/12/2014)
    This harness is terrific, just upgrading to a larger size as my puppy grows
  • Evaluation globale
    great product
    Review by Melissa, (Posté le 16/12/2014)
    Great for my dog who stays by my side when we are out and about. I've purchased chest plate harnesses in the past, but this is nice and snug on her. She seems quite comfortable in it. The bubblegum colour is gorgeous too.
  • Evaluation globale
    Chest Plate harness
    Review by Sue Clark, (Posté le 19/11/2014)
    We recently purchased an XL Chest Plate Harness for our German Shepherd. It is a great harness and she walks very well with it on.
  • Evaluation globale
    Review by michael Bentley, (Posté le 01/11/2014)
    We purchased this product just because we were bored with the colour of the old one, which we have had for our dog for at least 4 years. It has not even worn, just got a bit dirty, so after the next wash he will have two chest plates his old 1 in blue and his new 1 in chocolate. Sizing chart on the internet was great to use as well.
  • Evaluation globale
    Elle E Phant
    Review by Karyn, (Posté le 30/10/2014)
    Our girl is a big girl, great dane x english mastiff. She weights in at 66kg with a deep chest and barrel. These harness are the only ones that fit, she's been wearing them since she was 6 months old. She's worn them night and day on our trip around Australia. The thing I love most is the colour you would not believe the amount of times people have called her a boy because she's big, apparently all big dogs are boys lol
  • Evaluation globale
    Chest Plate Harness
    Review by Igor, (Posté le 27/01/2014)
    I have used this chest plate harness for the last 6 years. My dog is a Rottweiler/German Sheppard cross and weighs 40 kilos. To have this harness allows me to control him in any situation without having to fear he can wind his head out of a collar. It is safe and robust and has never let me down. It is easy to clean and I can leave it on when my dog swims in the sea.
  • Evaluation globale
    Great product
    Review by jenny, (Posté le 08/01/2014)
    I am very impressed with the harness. I purchased two, after experimenting with other methods of restraining two young golden retrievers. I have found the harness easy to put on, & most of all the dogs the dogs adjusted immediately & were immediately manageable. A fantastic product.
  • Evaluation globale
    Review by David, (Posté le 08/11/2013)
    Just started using it for my 14 & 16 week old pups. They seem more comfortable when using this with a lead as apposed to attaching a lead to their collar. So it's a winner with them.
  • Evaluation globale
    Excellent harness!
    Review by Elizabeth, (Posté le 06/11/2013)
    Since we received the harness walks have been more enjoyable for us and our staffy. The harness is strong and seems very comfortable.
  • Evaluation globale
    Great harness
    Review by , (Posté le 04/11/2013)
    Harness was just as described in catalogue.
    Great product, delivery trouble free.
    Details allowed me to select the correct size for my dog.
    Fits so well - very happy with this purchase - and with the free gift of seat belt attachment.
    My girl just loves wearing it.
  • Evaluation globale
    Happy Staffy
    Review by Mal & Zeus, (Posté le 24/10/2013)
    Purchased the harness and recommended Ezydog antishock leash for my 2yo Staffy and we're both over the moon with these products. Highly recommend the products combined to deal with the inevitable "pull" of an excitable and powerful dog such as mine. It's made our walks infinitely more pleasurable and I noticed an immediate change. If the dog could talk or type I'm sure he'd rave about your products too. Thanks!
  • Evaluation globale
    chest plate harness
    Review by , (Posté le 15/10/2013)
    I am very happy with all ezydog products they are hardy rust resistant the only thing I would recommend is more colours but they are a fantastic product
  • Evaluation globale
    top product
    Review by rick jacobson, (Posté le 11/10/2013)
    great product,very well made ,excellent design. thanks very much for a very good purchase and extremely fast delivery.
  • Evaluation globale
    Great harness
    Review by , (Posté le 18/09/2013)
    Thankyou for the prompt service, this is our 2nd harness in this brand and if it's as good as the first one, we will be pleased.
  • Evaluation globale
    Best harness!
    Review by , (Posté le 17/09/2013)
    This harness is brilliant - easy to put on, great colours and my Dalmatian walks better now that she has it :)
  • Evaluation globale
    Review by Samantha, (Posté le 11/09/2013)
    I ordered at 12pm yesterday and received it at 10am this morning! That's service for you.
    The product appears to be of excellent quality and exactly how it is described online. I can't wait to test it out tonight with my dog!
  • Evaluation globale
    Review by , (Posté le 04/09/2013)
    Quick and easy to put on my 8 month old Rotti.
    Great quality !
  • Evaluation globale
    Happy dogs
    Review by Helen, (Posté le 02/09/2013)
    This is our second round with this harness. We have two beagles and this style of harness suits them as it relieves any strain on their necks - they do like to sniff a lot!!!
  • Evaluation globale
    great product
    Review by , (Posté le 09/07/2013)
    Great harness! I had purchased a harness for my am/eng staffy a few weeks ago (can't remember which brand) and was not happy at all. From the first walk I took her on with the ezydog harness I was very happy...great quality harness!
  • Evaluation globale
    The Best Harness I have found for my Dog
    Review by Carolyn, (Posté le 01/07/2013)
    I own a Cavalier king Charles Spaniel who at 1 year old only weighs in at 4.5 k's. She is so petite that all the other harnesses I have tried have been too big for her but this Ezy Chest Plate harness fits her to a T. I am really happy with it and so is the dog.
  • Evaluation globale
    Ezydog chest plate harness
    Review by Franck, (Posté le 24/06/2013)
    Great product and look comfortable for my two ridgebacks , I bought previously the ezydog collars and leashes and still use them everyday.
  • Evaluation globale
    Ezydog chest plate harness
    Review by Lisa, (Posté le 08/05/2013)
    Great harness. Seems to be good quality and very easy to put on the dogs. We found that the seat belt restraint doesn't work for us so we bought a seat belt clip to attach to the harness but the quality of the entire product is great. Moreover, we put our order in on Saturday and it was delivered on Monday! Thanks.
  • Evaluation globale
    Pink camo chest plate harness
    Review by Darrell, (Posté le 02/05/2013)
    Great harness. Works great and looks great!
  • Evaluation globale
    Safe and Sound Hounds
    Review by Jill Walsh, (Posté le 18/02/2013)
    I purchased my 2 x American Bulldogs one of these each. They get so excited when I put them on, because they know something great is going to happen, whether it be a walk in the state forest or a drive in the car. I have better confidence when they wear them as well, especially with the seatbelt attachment for the car.
    Another fantastic EZY DOG product. Love this gear!
  • Evaluation globale
    chest plate harness
    Review by , (Posté le 06/02/2013)
    Great harness easy to put on. Have had in the past difficulty with other harnesses. My eldest dog loves it, my young one is still getting used to it. Would recommend this product highly, far more humane than choker chain
  • Evaluation globale
    Fantastic harness
    Review by , (Posté le 28/01/2013)
    The best harness I have used. Very strong yet gentle for the dog.
  • Evaluation globale
    Best Harness for my Kelpie
    Review by Jess, (Posté le 06/01/2013)
    I have a very naughty Kelpie when it comes to slipping harnesses and collars. This is the ONLY one that I have found to actually work. and she seems pretty happy to stay in it too.
    It's really easy to put on and I love the colours!
  • Evaluation globale
    Australian Bulldog boy
    Review by Diane, (Posté le 31/12/2012)
    Very quick delivery
  • Evaluation globale
    Review by DOG LOVER, (Posté le 14/12/2012)
    We have been using EzyDog products for ages and are now giving them as gifts to friends. Our Jack Russells need a strong harness to make handling them during walks easy and safe as they pull like crazy. It's a bit like having a V8 engine in a Mini Minor. Collars alone would be dangerous for our guys as they could just pull out of them if they ran behind us and yanked their heads backwards. Our dogs feel pretty special wearing the harnesses and it shows in how they carry themselves. The product is amazingly well constructed and is comfortable for our guys to wear. I thoroughly recommend the Chest Plate Harness to everyone.
  • Evaluation globale
    Happy dog Happy owner.
    Review by Ruby, (Posté le 10/12/2012)
    Great product. My little dog is at ease and happy when she has her harness on. She also has the matching collar.I would definitely recommend this product. Really good investment. Thanks.
  • Evaluation globale
    Fantastic Harness
    Review by Mandy, (Posté le 05/12/2012)
    I have a staffy cross cattle dog. She is very strong and loves to pull. The harness together with the cujo leash are the best thing ever for her. It is strong, doesn't choke her when she pulls and is easy to put on. She actually steps into it, which is pretty clever. We have been through a lot of collars and leads over the past four years but this one will definitely last much longer than previous ones. Well worth every cent.
  • Evaluation globale
    Money Well Spent
    Review by Cherie O, (Posté le 23/11/2012)
    My dog loves to pull alot when walking and this harness has been great in staying in control of my dog without having a lead choke her etc. This is definately strong and well designed and will last a very long time. Highly recommended.
  • Evaluation globale
    Chest Plate Harness
    Review by AJ, (Posté le 21/11/2012)
    This is the best harness I ever purchased. It is easy to put on. It washes well and provides good control when walking your dog. Worth the buy!

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